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Halesowen Golf Club

All new redesigned practice grounds! 

Playing Lessons 

  • £60 1 1/2 hour Mini Playing Lesson
  • 9 Holes £100
  • 18 Holes £180

Halesowen Golf Club 
The Leasowes, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 8QF

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Beau Desert Golf Club

Alison Nicholas PGA Professional will be working alongside PGA Professional Michael Beaumont at The FOCUS Academy assisting in the coaching programmes and will also be available for individual lessons.

Individual Lesson Prices

  •     1/2 Hour lesson £25.00
        1 Hour £45.00
    1/2 Hour lesson £25.00
  • 1 Hour £45.00

Package Prices

  • 4 x30 Minute Lesson - £90.00 (10% Saving)
  • 5 x30 Minute Lesson - £110.00 (15% Saving)
  • 6 x30 Minute Lesson - £125.00 (Get 1 Free)

Package Prices

  • 4 x60 Minute Lesson - £160.00 (10% Saving)
  • 5 x60 Minute Lesson - £200.00 (10% Saving)
  • 6 x60 Minute Lesson - £225.00 (Get 1 Free)

Beau Desert Golf Club 
Rugeley Road, Hazel Slade, Staffordshire, WS12 0PJ

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SAM PuttLab and SAM BalanceLab at Beau Desert Golf Club

Sam PuttLab Lessons available & Sam BalanceLab Lessons at £45.00 per Hour

SAM PuttLab

Together with international PGA Tour Pros the scientists of Science&Motion have developed SAM PuttLab for golfers of all handicaps - guaranteeing high efficiency and usability of the device. To date already 26 European and American Tour Professionals and several European national teams trust the capability of Science&Motion's PuttLab. PuttLab is a system with ascertainable success.

  • First system worldwide that provides complete putting analysis (28 relevant parameters)
  • Sensational training success on the European PGA Tour starting in 2004
  • Only portable system which tracks movement with accuracy needed to analyse putting stroke
  • Easy to use, direct results and immediate feedback
  • Reference results of PGA Tour pros create fast success
  • Whether in the office or on the golf course – the SAM PuttLab allows training at any time and in any weather

SAM BalanceLab

SAM BalanceLab is an ultra high resolution force plate to evaluate balance and weight transfer during a golf swing. The force signals and synchronized video are recorded in parallel and then interactively analyzed in detail. Poor balance and an irregular weight shift are often responsible for swing flaws resulting in an unsatisfactory outcome of the shot. 

Graphical reports show your individual swing characteristics and allow to tailor and test specific training interventions. In the split screen mode your data can even be directly compared to a professional player.

Focus Golf Training with Alison Nicholas
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